One for all, all for one!

"An invitational poster project with the support of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Right (OHCHR) and La Mairie de Paris.

The goal was of course to celebrate 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also raise awareness and relevance at a critical moment in the history of mankind."


Along with La Mairie de Paris, OHCHR and French ministry of foreign affairs organized an exhibition of 26 of these posters in Paris, starting on the 70th birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in December 2017.

The poster of Teija Hohl was one of the chosen ones. 

A collection of all these designs received was also published as a book in the spring of 2018.

Right to Education

"We‘ve chosen to fight for the right to education as we believe that education gives people across the whole world the chance to break the cycle of poverty: to live in a more equal world without discrimination, where everybody has the same chance to learn the same skills and enjoy the same success. To enjoy a better tomorrow. And all that makes it the perfect subject for poster for tomorrow to address."


One of the best 10 posters,

international poster competition,

poster for tomorrow 2012

9. United Designs

"Poster design about messages to humanity. 

The theme of the exhibition is 'Love and Forgiveness'. All participants must use their writing system and typographic design with a quotation from the participant’s cultural and national background." 


International poster competition,

organized by United Designs Alliance 2017


A la muerte con una sonrisa

 "The subject is death, a personal consideration or approach, the meaning in your own culture, how we fear, celebrate or deal with it. It can be reflected in serious or playful way in a freestyle technique."


"To Death with a Smile", a poster contest in 2009 to celebrate the Day of the Dead, held every second year by the Mexican Museum of Design (MUMEDI) in Mexico City.


Good 50x70

 "... to broaden designers and design students’ perspective on design and visual communication by using their creativity to address social issues."


"Good 50x70", a poster contest in 2008 was endorsed by AGI, ICOGRADA, BEDA, ADI, and AIAP. 

The goal was to provide the charities with works

that that they could use in different campaigns.

The charities included Amnesty, Amref, Emergency, Greenpeace, Lila, UNICEF and WWF.